Most Common Dental Emergencies

Most Common Dental Emergencies

June 21, 2022

Determining the most common dental emergencies is challenging because you never know when or why you might confront a situation needing help from the dentist near you instead of your regular dentist. However, if you consider tooth decay a chronic condition in the country, you might get to know the problems associated with dental decay are generally the most common.

Dentists recommend maintaining excellent dental hygiene by brushing for two minutes twice daily, flossing at least once regardless of the time, and getting dental prophylaxis every six months to prevent complicated situations in your mouth. Unfortunately, research reveals that people brush for a maximum of 40 seconds and often neglect flossing. In addition, dental phobia prevents people from receiving essential dental care to put at risk the health of their mouth and smile. In such cases, confronting dental emergencies of different kinds is routine for many.

How to Handle Dental Emergencies?

If you confront the most common dental emergency associated with tooth decay, you help yourself by visiting the dentist near you to determine the cause of your mild or severe toothache that might result from tooth decay, untreated cavities, a dental abscess, or chipped and broken teeth. You cannot consider any dental issue minor regardless of whether you suffer from intense or mild pain.

For example, if you have unexplained red-and-white patches in your mouth that don’t disappear, you cannot think it is normal discoloration of the area affected. Therefore, you must get yourself assessed by the dentist 29210 to determine that you are not affected by a life-threatening condition, oral cancer.

Familiar Dental Emergencies

A Knocked-out Tooth

Motor-vehicle accidents or involvement in contact sports can sometimes knock out your tooth from impacts to your mouth. The unexpected tooth loss can make you concerned about your appearance and wonder what you must do to replace the knockout tooth to avoid searching for replacements. The situation confronting you demands attention from the emergency dentist in Colombia within 30 minutes. You cannot waste time thinking about the higher prices you might have to pay when visiting an emergency dentist. Instead, you must pick up the tooth and rinse it in water for 10 seconds without scrubbing the roots.

Store the knocked-out tooth between your cheeks and gums or in a small milk container to keep it moist, and rush to the Columbia emergency dentist to have it splinted to the adjacent tooth to allow its roots to reattach in about two months. Getting to the emergency dentist within the stipulated time helps you prevent costly procedures for tooth replacement solutions and saves your natural tooth.


Toothaches are common among many people. However, most do not bother about a mild toothache and try using over-the-counter painkillers or home remedies to find relief from the problem. Unfortunately, people don’t realize toothaches don’t just emanate out of the blue but might result from improper dental hygiene, untreated cavities, or severe infections like a dental abscess.

It would help if you got the toothache assessed by the dental clinic near you to ensure you don’t have a complicated situation in your mouth that might require intensive treatments. If the professionals at the clinic detect cavities on or between your teeth causing the problem, they recommend you have it filled before it expands into a severe condition.

Unfortunately, if the toothache results from deep decay-causing throbbing pain in your tooth and sensitivity when having hot foods and beverages, it indicates you have a dental pulp infection that needs treatment promptly. Dental pulp infections are best treated with the fearsome root canal therapy to restore your tooth and prevent extractions.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

You don’t have to be involved in accidents or sporting activities to develop a chipped or broken tooth. However, if you create a painful broken tooth when biting on complex foods, you must seek help from a nearby dentist to have it repaired or extracted if the fracture extends below the gum line. However, if you have a chipped tooth without pain, you can visit your dentist for an urgent care appointment to restore the tooth in a straightforward procedure like dental bonding. However, you must seek treatment for the situation you confront at the earliest because leaving the tooth untreated causes additional complications in your mouth.

Besides the above, issues like broken orthodontics, lost fillings, and jaw discomfort represents dental emergencies. Therefore, you must receive treatment for any situation affecting your oral cavity as soon as possible instead of delaying treatment to affect your quality of life.

Columbia Dental Health Center provides emergency dental care to all patients visiting them without making them wait in a queue. They are also open on select Saturdays but require a call to confirm availability. Therefore if you confront any problem affecting your oral cavity, consider scheduling an appointment with this practice to receive the treatment necessary.

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