SCDA Member Spotlight

Dr. Cain

Featuring Dr. Brandon Cain, The Columbia Dental Health Center

1. How long have you been a dentist and member of SCDA?

Student member of SCDA in 2010, practicing member since 2014

2. What dental school did you attend?

Graduated MUSC in 2014 and the Prisma (Palmetto Health Richland) GPR in 2015.

3. Tell us about how you discovered your love of and interest in dentistry?

I fell in love with dentistry when I learned what dentistry actually was. I’ve only ever recieved cleanings so I thought dentists only entered the room after a hygiene appointment to tell me everything was fine, looked boring. After college a friend of mine’s brother (Dr. Charlie Hazelrigg) invited me to come shadow him to see what the dental world was all about, I’ve been hooked ever since.

4. What are you doing in your practice that you think other members of SCDA should know about?

Until recently I practiced as an associate at a respected high-end FFS practice where I had use of the latest technology and advanced procedures at my disposal. As much as I appreciated my time there and that aspect of dentistry I could not ignore the growing need of the underserved. About 6 months ago as a side project I opened the Columbia Dental Health Center (DentalHealth.Clinic) which focuses on offering extractions services for the underserved. I have transitioned into my clinic full time and couldn’t be happier. My team is here for anyone in need, we accept child and adult Medicaid for extractions.

5. What advances in the field of dentistry are you most excited about?

Dentistry is evolving rapidly through technological and scientific advancements but one aspect of improvement I am most excited about is the growing number of clinical and non-clinical personnel that are dedicating their time to improve access to care. From opening their doors a half day a week to treat the underserved to organizing a nation wide advocacy group like the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN). OPEN is an agent of change that is helping break barriers and open doors for those who do not have access to oral care.

6. What would you say to young dentists just starting out or students who might be considering dental school?

Dentistry can offer may things including financial wellbeing and social status but if those are your priorities then you will never truly receive or understand the level of personal and professional satisfaction being a dentist has to offer. Do what is right by your patients, everything else will fall in

7. What would you say to those who are considering joining SCDA?

Being a member of the ADA-Constituent (SCDA)-Component (local) Tripartite is a must. Being unified through these associations strengthens and elevates our profession in ways we could not achieve as individuals.

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