Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Columbia, SC

A dental emergency is any serious dental problem that requires immediate and urgent care. Dental emergencies often involve severe pain, bleeding, and the threat of tooth loss. When dealing with a dental emergency, you need an emergency dentist near you that is competent and well-versed in emergency dentistry.

Columbia Dental Health Center offers outstanding services in emergency dentistry in Columbia, SC. We fully understand that dental emergencies can be scary and nerve-wracking, and we promise to be your best support when you’re going through this frightening event. Whether you’ve been caught on the wrong end of an elbow during a game of soccer or have woken up with a swollen face coupled with excruciating tooth pain, we have you covered with emergency dental care.

Reach out to Columbia Dental Health Center to enjoy first-class dental care in emergency dentistry near you.

What is a Dental Emergency?

If you have any or several of the below dental problems, then you’re dealing with a dental emergency:

  1. Broken and knocked out teeth
  2. Pain when biting or chewing
  3. Gum and pulpal abscesses
  4. Swelling and bleeding
  5. Wisdom teeth inflammation
  6. Trauma to the tooth often a result of an accident such as a sporting injury or a fall

There are different interventions for dental emergencies depending on the dental problem at hand. However, the common thread in all of them is eliminating pain and saving your tooth.

Steps to Addressing a Dental Emergency

Once you come into our dental office, our emergency dentist in Columbia, SC, will manage your pain and provide a permanent solution. In severe cases, our dentist may prescribe pain-relieving medication so that you can be in a better state to receive treatment. Our dentist determines the most appropriate type of dental procedure, depending on the cause of your emergency.

Below are a few crucial steps you can take when faced with a dental emergency:

  • If you’re bleeding as a result of injury, use a cold compress to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, reach out to Columbia Dental Health Center. Our dentist may need to stitch or cauterize the injured area to end the blood loss.
  • For knocked-out teeth, pick the tooth carefully without touching the tooth roots and place it in a container of milk. Then come to our office immediately so our dentist can begin the reattachment process.
  • If your tooth has been knocked loose but is still in its socket, apply light pressure to readjust its position accordingly and then come to our office.
  • When faced with severe dental pain after trauma, use pain-relieving medication to manage the pain.

Acetaminophen is preferred for dental emergencies that involve bleeding. We advise our patients to avoid pain medications that contain aspirin and ibuprofen as these are anticoagulants and can cause excessive bleeding.

Are you facing a dental emergency that needs immediate care? Call Columbia Dental Health Center to take advantage of our services in emergency dentistry in Columbia, SC.

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